We sincerely thank you for showing keen attention to know about us and extend your willingness to help the innocent and disadvantaged children, who CRY FOR JOY ‘

Since my childhood, I obeyed to the divine call of becoming a Priest, and had a determination to dedicate my maximum time limits to find a way to those destitute children who are stranded and alienated in the society and bring them back to their salvation.

St.Anne’s Home for children is an Organization, legally registered in the Department of Child Care in North Western Province, committed to rehabilitate the helpless and destitute children from the restrictions of the community to which they belong. In this endeavor we have to reach the children who have become destitute due to the many unfortunate reasons prevalent in the country viz. children of the poorest of the poor economically, children who are uncared for due to various reasons in families, unwanted children , physically handicapped etc.,

Now, we have to rescue the category of these helpless children from child labour in the age group of 6 –12 years who should normally be under the loving care of the parents. The worst category of unfortunate children falls into child prostitution. It has become the most dangerous catastrophe if we do not take stern and immediate steps to safeguard them well in advance. If not our helpless children may end up their lives as victims to dangerous diseases and even AIDS. Can we just remain, when we see, when we hear , that the sweet faces of helpless children wither…? Could we possibly leave out these destitute children in their young age to perish….? What wrong have they done…? No…We cannot allow it to happen. But we must strive to bring back the sweet smile and make their eyes and faces bright full of JOY for a better tomorrow.

SALANI Children Home from Lunuwila & Thummodara.

SALANI Children Home from Lunuwila.

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Dear Well Wisher ,

There is a small island, in the Indian Ocean, named SRI LANKA known by many as the Taste of Paradise .Even we enjoy this unique taste , feel the peace in mind and experience the harmony around us , yet we struggle so hard to bring joy and hope to a special sector in the society , mostly unattended . The children who are neglected by their parents and found no any shelter for protection, to continue with education , health and human values falls into this category . Such destitute children who are stranded in their lives due to many unfortunate situations looking for any help from the society where they ought to live.

Irrespective of my priesthood, the cry of those innocent children was heard so deeply in me, which forced me to start a Home for the children ,and to facilitate them to my capacities. The result was the formation of Santhana Lama Niwasaya ( SALANI ) in 1993.

When counting the history , my beginning was not an easy task, very challengeable and had lot of pains to alive with the Vision and the Mission.But…. most of our enormous efforts were fulfilled and looked after by the kind hearted well wishers who could understand our mission, which helped me to continue amidst difficulties.

Being able to protect disadvantaged lives on our care , most of the lives were saved, and could be brought into the light through darkness . Non of the lives wouldn’t have continued if not being encountered to our care , but today …, we are so happy about such saved lives, which are shining in the society as law abiding promising citizens.

Today our legally accepted Home for children, provide livelihood to 80 children of aged from 7 – 18 years , in 3 centers ,at Negombo, Lunuwila and Thummodara.

Looking for future,we have a lot of plans to be implemented for the sake of these innocent children and we have no choice other than expose ourselves more widely to the universal community to tell our need and request help.

Wish ,our web site will serve and hope we will definitely encounter with a lot of kind hearted people worldwide , and be able to come more closer to understand each other to support our Mission.
We are humble to extend our hands for your generous help.

May God Bless you,

Yours in Christ,
Founder Director

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